Good Morning everyone! Today I would like to start a tradition on this site specific to motivation/organization/Inspiration. As crafters we are all well aware of the need to stay motivated and to keep all of our “stuff” under control! I don’t know about you but I have to have my room organized to be creative. It doesn’t work for me if I can’t get my hands on what I need at the time I need it.

Today I’d like to focus on cardstock scraps! When doing classes and events it really helps if you can keep scraps organized and ready to use. Cost wise it is tremendously effective in helping to keep the cost of a card down. I have been able to keep my class costs at $20 without going up for over 7 years. A lot of the reason i am able to do that is keeping my bits in check!

This is my answer to the dilemma! Each color has it’s own file and the scraps stay neat and undamaged. Love it! Such a simple yet impactful solution! These two file bins sit next to my paper cutter. There is a space in between the cutter and the files where the new “scraps” accumulate. I leave them there (rather than dumping them in a box) until I’m ready to file them because it prompts me to file often to avoid a mountain of scraps.