In my Studio Ink Pad & Refill Storage is a cinch! I store the ink pads in color families with the matching markers and refill bottles. You can see them shown in the photos below. With this system I can tell at a glance if I am missing anything. I do weekly classes in my Studio and it would drive me NUTS if I couldn’t find what I need at the time. I love the fact that I can put my hands on any item in seconds rather than stop and hunt. If I am happy then class is happy!

The empty spaces tell me the items are out for class. If I don’t have a class going, then the empty space tells me I have something missing. That is when I check the trash. How do I know that? Well, Been there!

Sometimes a student likes a different color and this system affords me the flexibility to accommodate in an instant. If I need to refresh a pad the refill bottle is at easy reach. MY units are a combination of Stamp-n-Storage and Stampin’ Up! I had the Stamp-n-Storage units before Stampin’ Up began to manufacture their units. I like the fact that with Stampin’ Up! you can “build as you go” at a very affordable price. see HERE

How do you handle Ink Pad & Refill Storage in your craft space? Stampin’ Up! storage is available in my online store. see HERE This is a sample of how the Stampin’ Up! storage components can be configured. All components are sold separately and you can build your space as you wish. You can start small and build as you go. Amazing!

Stampin’ Up! Storage
My Studio Classroom