A Week With the Chick! Well………I had to do it! Just no way around it! I had to do a SERIES on this set as it is to stinkin’ cute! As you can see below we have a photo, video and link to the FREE PDF of each card project. The PDF Tutorial & Videos are my gift to you. What an adventure this stamp set is. We go from riding the waterfall to the hostile takeover of the Outhouse! Come along with me for a fun time. Be sure to check out all 5 projects AND Videos below. Each project has it’s own PDF. Each link is directly below it’s photo. I don’t want you to miss out on any part of the wild ride. It’s a crazy world when the chickens take over the Latrine! You gotta see the inside of this card!!!! lol Enjoy!

PS…………let me know how your projects turn out!!! I’d love to hear from you.

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Card Project #1 “A Week With the Chick” waterfall card

Waterfall card, tutorial and video FREE

FREE PDF Tutorial with photo and dimensions HERE for the Waterfall Card

Card Project #2 “A Week With the Chick” The Coop

The Coop tutorial, video step by step instruction

FREE PDF Tutorial with photos and dimensions HERE for the Chicken Coop Card

Card Project #3 “A Week With the Chick” Simple to Stunning – Double pull card

This project will begin with a very basic card and then show additions to a more stepped up version. This video will focus on the end and “Stunning” result with a step by step walk thru for the Stunning Finish! Same card, different versions. This Video will show the first 2 cards and then focus on building the Stunning “Double Pull Card” Amazing! Learn how to take your simple card and knock it out of the park!!!!

This is basically the card that inspired this simple to stunning set. I loved how the eggs we stacked in what appeared to be a cubby with mama there watching over what soon was to be her brood.
The fist “step up” to this card is the “egg” shaped sentiment panel and the die cut “grains” on the ground creating a bit of interest. Just a couple of sweet little touches
Next the focus on the inside…….I added extra panels and a happy little chick appearing to be in a celebratory mood! My mama once told me that a great frame makes a lousy picture look good and a lousy frame makes a good picture look lousy. I have found that to be true. You can see the difference here with the addition of two simple layers to frame the panel in. It’s the small things that matter!
Learn how to take a simple card and turn it into Stunning in simple easy steps
The 3rd example and the focus of the video is on this Double Pull Out Card that puts it all together. Simple to Stunning…… How FUN!

FREE PDF Tutorial with Photos HERE for Simple to Stunning Double Pull Out Card

Card Project #4 “A Week With the Chick” Flew the Coop Card

Simple easy steps to make this card with our free tutorial and video

FREE PDF Tutorial Photo and Dimensions HERE for the Flew the Coop Card

Card Project #5 “A Week With the Chick” Outhouse card

And there you have it………….the chickens have taken over the Latrine!

FREE PDF Tutorial and Dimensions with Photos HERE for Card #5 The Outhouse