Well…….this has been an interesting year! We have moved to Oro Valley, Arizona (north of Tucson). We had quite the time with escrows. Homes were selling so fast they were overpriced. We had 2 escrows fall thru because the homes did not appraise for selling price and the sellers would not drop the price to meet the appraisal. Our home in Havasu sold immediately which made us homeless. lol not really as we were staying with our daughter. Anyway, As we did not desire to purchase ANY home over appraisal we had 2 escrows fall thru. Actually it was a blessing because we would have missed the home we are in now! Also the main reasons for the move were for better medical and closer to our Grand kids! Yay!!! soooooo…….at my last update I said escrow would be closing……blah blah….and it didn’t. It took time to find the perfect fit for us and address my medical needs. Anyhooooo……………since hubs and I did NOT pack our home out it has been a nightmare getting unpacked and organized but we have persevered!!!!! We have one bedroom still with boxes but we are on the downhill slide now. My craft area is ready to start filming YouTube (sort of) lol Anyone saying that opening boxes that you do not know what is in them is like Christmas is NUTS! BUT…… I have several cards to get going with so if you are still waiting……………not to fear……….better late than never, eh? I have missed you guys!!!!! See you soon! (as in soon REALLY!) love and hugs…deb PS: hope I remember how to do this YouTube thing! xoxo