Double Easel Fun Fold – Soft Seedlings by Stampin’ Up! – class 3 of 5

Oh My Gosh! I love this card. I could play with this design thru the eternities!!! I was perusing the internet and caught a glimpse of this card. While the design is basically the same with minor changes…… I just had to change up the techniques on the leaf and bird coloring. The original artist is Jo and she is from Norfolk, England. I remembered the location because my ancestors came from Norfolk and immigrated to America in 1888.

In this class I will teach you exactly how to get that “realistic” look to the leaf in the Soft Seedlings set by Stampin’ Up! The bird perched on this card can be colored in oh so many ways……your choice. I have a quick way to do this bird in less than 1 minute. Check out the video below and I will show you all the tricks! See you in class! Drawings/prizes for every class. Often we send off the featured card(s) at the end of the live video as a Bonus. I go back read all the comments and use comment picker to pick a lucky person to win. soooooo comment live or on the replay before next video and good luck!

TODAY’S WINNERS: Debbie Overton and Lori Mantovi. Ladies please hit the contact button and send me your addresses and your goodies will be off to you!

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Can’t Resist the Resist – Soft Seedlings by Stampin’ Up! Class 2 of 5

Stunning! I just love the blues in this card! This card is done with a white opaque embossing powder and collage technique. So soft yet dramatic in it’s effect. Soft Seedlings by Stampin’ Up! is truly the “sleeper” set of the catalog. Check out the YouTube video below and I will show you in easy steps how to create this gem.

This card technique is called “Blackout resist” or “Jacobs Coat” and is done with clear embossing powder over a colored panel and then the blackout that really pops the card. Watch the video below for the step by step technique and you will WOW your recipient. Enjoy! deb

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A Week with Soft Seedlings by Stampin’ UP! – class 1 – simple to sublime!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this set! Soft Seedlings is a Distinctive stamp set that is oh so realistic! In this class we will focus on taking our cards from simple to stunning with one or two simple changes…….. It really isn’t that hard to step those cards up! Come along with me and I will teach you a few tricks. Then, stay tuned this week for more classes…..all with Soft Seedlings! I have added a PDF technique sheet for your technique book and a template for the Braided Lattice card. The YouTube instructional video is here as are photos of the process for each technique/concept. PLEASE NOTE: the PDF Technique Sheet is blank as I have always had my students complete them for their books. I have found that when they do so they retain the concepts easier. Enjoy! deb

UPDATE: Having major internet issues and my live YouTube video was freezing and then we lost the Internet connection totally. While we are addressing this issue I will go ahead and post this entry. If we can’t get the issue resolved I will shoot a video and upload it to this post as internet allows. ??? anyway we are trying our best to get this resolved and may have to switch internet providers. Ugh………sure didn’t have these problems in Lake Havasu. Hang in there with me as I have some Awesome cards/techniques coming up in this series. There will be 5 classes in this series. thanks for your patience. SHOW STOPPER CARDS TO FOLLOW IN CLASSES TO COME

class 1: Simple to sublime using easy steps/techniques

class 2: I can’t resist a resist! Resist/collage/various types of resist

class 3: Double easel Fun fold Technique! To say this card is a “show stopper” is like saying a Lamborghini is just a car! absolutely over the top. Easy

class 4: All things Background

class 5: Chalk it up!

Now……..ON TO CLASS 1 Simple to Sublime

OK…step one is basic stamping. What would make this project have more punch? Well, lets stamp a few of them and put them into a presentation box and add a belly band. Frame in the image with soft sued and what a nice gift! Who doesn’t need a box of note cards? I’m sure the recipient will be impressed!
Here we take the same note-card. I stepped it up by embossing the image and elevating the focal point on dimensionals. Doesn’t the white on white add sophistication? Love it! I am a real fan of white on white. Do you see the difference between the two focal images? one is just embossed. This card would be excellent for a “10 cards in 20 minutes” project.
Now lets add a pop of color to the same focal point. And……….now wait….what’s that on the leaf? how’d that get there? A little “stamp on stamp” technique to add interest. See the technique steps below – easy peasy! To “stamp on stamp” I inked up the Maple leaf with Mango Melody and inked up the wording stamp with Blackberry Bliss. I then stamped the wording on the already inked Maple leaf. Then just for good measure I tipped the leaf with a sponge dauber inked with BB and then………..I stamped on the paper. Voila! Even the subtle difference between the leaf above and the finished one below make a difference………just with the sponge dauber and about 3 seconds of time. Attention to detail makes a big difference!
and now – lets really show color!!!! Amazing…….just simple basic stamping and my oh my!!!! Below you can see the steps to create this beauty……..
And this one……..oh my …….be still my heart. One color…..simple stamping. A key factor to multiple/collage stamping—-GO OFF THE EDGE!!!!
AND…….this is what happens when you add a braided lattice edge and a bow! The person getting this card will spend a lot of time trying to figure out how you did it……… always………..easy peasy!
To start you will place the template along the fold side of the card base. Fold the top and bottom over the edge to the back and secure with a clip as shown in photo 2. Cut the lines up the edge making sure to cut only to the end of the line. You will notice the lines are different lengths. The next photo shows the edge that has been cut. Start folding the points down as shown in the next photo. You will cut the bottom point off as shown. Slip each point to the back of the next point. glue the last point you removed with the scissors to the top as shown. Fold card as usual and assemble the rest of card. (see video for this process) Congrats….you did it!

Now lets look below what happens when we gold gild the leaf edges. I use Mono adhesive put into a glue bottle with a fine tip. I put the glue on the leaf edges as shown. let sit for a few minutes for the glue to “tack up”. this is very important……otherwise the glue will spread rather than grab the leafing. Now gently rub the gilded leaves with a stencil brush and finish with a soft brush. so fun!!!

Below are PDFs: Technique sheets for your Technique Book and PDF for Braided Lattice Card…..enjoy!